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Blade Under Mask: Tetsuo by WhiteMantis

Blade Under Mask: Tetsuo


Characters: Nae | Kurohasu

Name: Asazaki Tetsuo (朝崎鉄男)

Species: Anthro Luna Moth (Actias luna humanus)

Body type: Slim

Tetsuo is a male anthro luna moth with a potentially rather feminine appearance, given the right clothing and makeup. This attribute serves him well in his occupation as a Kabuki actor, specially when he plays as an onnagata - a male actor who plays female roles - but despite his appearance, Tetsuo isn’t by any means ‘feminine’ in personality. He’s a determined young man and is usually the one who takes the lead when problems appear.

Tetsuo is the owner of an acidic personality: he’s sarcastic, ironic, snob and absolutely abhors those he deems to be 'lesser commoners', ‘ignorant’ or ‘stupid’ people, especially the more rowdy customers that request his sister's presence at parties and tea ceremonies. He won't even direct a single word to someone he believes is not worth talking to him.

Tetsuo is a member of the Asazaki house alongside his small and adoptive family: Asami, his mother and Nae, his younger sister. His family members are basically the only persons whom he's nice to.

Nae © me, from Blade Under Mask

  • Blade Under Mask is a comic project of my own planned to be released on the second semester os 2013

  • As much as I take inspiration from and base my work on real Japanese culture and geisha world, this story is not meant to be 100% accurate. Some cultural aspects are modified or removed to the fit the story, characters and the world better. Do NOT take this as a reliable source of information, as it is made with entertainment purposes only. If you need to research or want to learn more about Japanese culture or geisha world, please look for real informative sources, such as books. If you have any question, feel free to ask me, I'll answer if I can.

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    wow. . .that is an unbelievably cool anthropomorhic design of a moth!