Blade Under Mask - 11 by WhiteMantis

Blade Under Mask - 11


16 January 2016 at 18:10:18 MST

Saturday! New page out!

We're still a bit swamped in stuff to do, so for now we can only post one page per week, but we hope to post more soon. :3

Please consider supporting the comic on [Patreon], so we can post more pages faster! And Patrons still get to see new pages two days earlier, on Thursdays! Yay!

Blade Under Mask agora também em português!

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    Arrumadinha nos óculos clássica

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    Movin' on up?

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    This whole thing is just beyond gorgeous. I'm completely convinced, I need to get in on this Patreon pronto.

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    Have I ever mentioned I love how you draw insect's different arms/hands acting? They're not just some static thing, they move entirely how I'd expect them to, and I love it

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    Just to let you know, the "NEXT" button doesn't seem to be working there!

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      Ahh thank you for telling me, it's been fixed now!