Shattered: Veiled by WhiteMantis

Shattered: Veiled


11 August 2015 at 19:33:39 MDT

Another little moment between Saa and her mother, Samaisa!

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Snippet below courtesy of Amethystine Amethystine


"I used to think that people were decent - that society, as a whole, was good. I belived that the world was a balanced place; the harshness of the land was always countered by the love that glowed above.

These days, I'm not so sure.

People I used to think I knew, those who I could smile and wave at as I walked down the street - they turn away from me now. Even my family, all as one, has shown me their back.

I have come to learn how much more lies under the formerly pleasant surface of my surroundings, things and concepts I trusted, what I could never have thought to question in the past. The rules that made sense before, they don't... they can't apply, not now. Not to her. It isn't right.

Even the most basic and fundamental concept of all of our lives, the loving warmth that embraces us all - I see it anew. I try to think of it from her perspective, but I can only imagine what it's like, for her. Is it as fire, all around? Blades?

How could He do this?

I don't know, but I've gotten quite adept at finding shady spots, where-ever I go.

I look out, at the passersby, and I wish both that they would see our plight... and that we could be invisible to them.

I wrap us more tightly before I head out again, for I now know; when the veil is pulled back...

The world is a very different place."

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    Really beautiful! I love the textures!

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    Always love to see new art from you, a amazing touching piece of artwork

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    It's tough when the illusion shatters, isn't it?

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    Very well done and moving piece of art.