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Blue-Footed Boobies by whiteicepanther

Blue-Footed Boobies


I decided to play some modded

So I made myself a skin... just so I could shout puns about boobies.


(video featuring said Bue & Bee will be on my channel, HickvilleProductions, on YouTube within an hour of posting this here).

Art (C) WhiteIcePanther | Anna Rizzoo

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Visual / Sketch


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    Imagine a moment. Thousands of years of technological advancement from fire to the microchip to allow you to create this piece. Humankind has laid miles of cables and wires to connect the world within seconds we people could view it.

    All of that is worth it. This is amazing, you are awesome.

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      That is just the best perspective to have when thinking about seeing this image on the internet. The advances that had to be made for this moment are incredible.

      Thank you by the way! :D

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        "I have a device that can connect me to any part of the world and gives me access to all human knowledge. I'm using it to look at a visual booby pun, worth it!"

        Really thought I know it's one of those "the silliest things get attention" but your style is very cute and the little details like the name tags were adorable.

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          Haha truth and thanks!

          Honestly it was done more for the fun of sharing a laugh. I was sitting at my desk contemplating what would be a funny agario skin that could give people at least a giggle. From there I thought, "and I decided to play as the dumbest thing I could think of... BOOBIES!" True story.

          Granted, I'm not going deny that boobies are often used to draw attention. I mean, who can resist those blue feet? ;)

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            They're such funny goofy birds. I love when they do their little dance with those blue feets