I'm Lark, and I like taxidermy, bone collecting, and other things. I've recently stashed my old submissions into one folder and will probably update w/ newer stuff eventually. You'll probably see traditional art, sewing stuff (I make plushies + do cosplay things), taxidermy pictures, jewelry, etc. Sometimes digital art, but I don't do it as much anymore so...Yeah. :v If you know me from Tumblr, Steam, DeviantART, or FA, and we watch each other already on one of those places, feel free to friend me!


Fur Affinity


Greyscale Prisma Doodles

$ 10.00
Full Body
$ 15.00
Half Body
$ 10.00
$ 5.00
add  Additional Character
$ 5.00


Coyote Claw Pendant
$ 15.00
Coyote Tooth Pendant
$ 15.00
Red Fox Claw Pendant
$ 10.00
Red Fox Tooth Pendant
$ 10.00
Wolf Claw Pendant
$ 25.00
Wolf Tooth Pendant
$ 25.00


Albino Wolfhound
$ 50.00
$ 115.00
Standard Wolfhound
$ 50.00
Tyvian Wolfhound
$ 75.00
add  +Dog Tag w/ Name
$ 7.00
add  +Leather Collar
$ 15.00
add  +Leather Harness
$ 20.00

For jewelry:

All prices are base prices, I can cap, wire wrap, add stones, etc, which are factored into the final price, not the base price. For a custom pendant, please message me to work out details.

I can only ship to people within the US at this time while I save for an import/export license. Wolf parts cannot be sold to residents of California or New York. I cannot purchase and import black bear claws or teeth, as well as whitetail deer parts (antlers, hooves, bones), but am willing to work with customer provided parts.

I currently list prices for parts I have in stock, but if there's a certain animal you'd like a claw or tooth necklace of (badger, raccoon, skunk, bobcat, mountain lion, etc), send me a message and I'll see what I can quote you. c: I will work with legally obtained or pre ban lion, leopard, tiger, etc, but you must provide the part and proof of its legality (CITES tags, any documentation/certification). The base price is much higher for such animals and will have to be discussed first.

I don't work with resin/plastic replicas of teeth/claws/bones, sorry!

For plush:

I typically just offer plush on a premade basis at the current time and have popped up a guideline for their costs + what you can factor in for any additional accessories. My plush will always be made with minky or faux fur fabrics, with some suede details. While I could use fleece, I'd prefer not to as I'd have to purchase it and bring it in stock. When I open up a space for a custom order, message me with the form I provide and we'll go from there. c:

For Greyscale Prisma Doodles:

What you'll be getting is a little picture of a character of your choice done in greyscale with markers! There can be small accents of color if you like and if I have the color you're thinking of, additional characters based on complexity etc. No backgrounds, no fancy scenes. If you pay for shipping, I'll send the original to you! c:

Dos and Don'ts

-No Mecha, extremely hyper characters (muscle is ok, but I can't do hyper), original characters that belong to other people (unless that person has given you explicit consent), complicated armor etc
-I can do adult oriented requests but would rather not touch on certain themes. Message me if you have a particular prompt in mind (please don't be super specific, just tell me the general idea or the situation or kink and I'll say if I can do it or not).
-Chibis WILL be simplified. Armor with complex engravings, super detailed markings, etc do not look good as chibis, and more often than not I'll have to remove such details to make the image more aesthetically pleasing. If you want more detail, I'd suggest a waist up/half body or a full body picture.
-Sometimes I add little accents of color to the picture, if you have a favorite color or a suggestion, please let me know!
-For the most part, I don't work well with very detailed specifics. I work best and produce better work with creative freedom in the way of poses, expressions, etc. If you give me references of your characters and a short blurb about their personality, that works best, but I also am happy to listen to your ideas and try to work them into your commission so you'll be happy with it!

Sooo what happens if I want to commission a drawing/pendant/plush from you?

Easy enough! Just shoot me a message with the form I post in my commissions submission or journal, and I'll work out the details with you. I require payment in full up front for all types of commissions, so once you pay and I've confirmed the details of your commission, I'll get started. For drawings, I'll send you two initial updates: one rough sketch for the pose and basic details, and one clean sketch before inking/coloring. If there's anything you're not happy with, this is the time to tell me. I will not redo commissions or change anything once inking has begun, so please communicate with me when I show you a WIP!

If you've got any questions that I haven't touched on here, shoot me a message here or on any other site I'm active on, and we'll go from there.