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My name is Synge Im a Husky from the Puget Sound area of WA.

I work a lot and rarely ever get a chance to just draw now days however i am hoping to become stedily more active.

I hopefully will be getting my fursuit in the mail in the next couple months.

Im super friendly <3
Happily taken
dont RP (sorry)


Please feel free to follow on deviant art and fur affinity where im slightly more active.
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rest in peace

on 17 December 2014 at 23:54:24 MST

Today we lost a fellow fur. A close friend and coworker of mine arcis

He came into contact with peanuts at his birthday dinner and went into cardiac arrest and his lungs collapsed.

He has been on life support since sunday and today they let him pass.
his organs are being donated to help save other lives.

Im going to miss our stupid talks. Checking out guys together. People watching and dealing with crazys. You were supposed to
go with me to RF next year. And we were going to have the opportunity to hang out more outside of work since we no longer were going to be working opposite schedules.

You had dreams that were taken away from you.

Far to young to be leaving us so suddenly.

I know we didnt get along all the time. We were simular yet different. But you were one of my closest friends. We are more then co workers. Were family. In our crappy job you have to be.

I remember when i first started talking to you. I found out you were extremely local to me. The first furry ive ever met in the area.

We had fun.
Partied on my 21st birthday. And i put you to bed on the couch since you were so drunk you were sitting by the bonfire and holding onto the grass for support.

You were the assistant manager to my manager.
My back up.
someone i trusted.

Ill watch that stupid shoes video and always remember you singing that song in the most flamboyant voice i have ever heard.

Ive known you going on 3 years. And ill charish those 3 years.

I hope one day to see you again. And i hope that wherever you ended up in the after life you make it fabulous!

Im gonna miss the jokes. The dirty jokes. The stupid jokes.

Rest in piece my friend.

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