Sign me Up [ Missmay ] by whimsical_sage

Sign me Up [ Missmay ]


15 August 2014 at 10:18:10 MDT

" Ohhh, your walk is vicious, delicious
Millionaire's wife so above mistress
And lookin' at me like "Come get this"
This one is a superstar...
Can I be the sky that you shine in?
Dedicated I put the time in
Shorty that's the frame of mind I'm in
Let me show you who you are...
Can you be my present and future?
Can I show ya things ya not used to?
Baby where's the contract? "

Another smile? For such a dour guy, he certainly seems to be willing to show those teeth of his. The shark has a way of flattering people though ; get under their skin with a few cheeky words, a arch of the brow that draws out his pretty blue eyes - a cant of the head that shows the delicate curve of his neck. Tenacity paves his path quite well. Take it from a beaten path to a gilded road, all because he makes a lady feel nice. Manipulation? Just another name to play the game of contracts~

Brine ©   whimsicalsage whimsicalsage
Artwork ©   missmay y'all should totally check her out! Her artwork is excellente.

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