She's a Pirate! [ Treasure Planet ] ; [ Viiraa ] by whimsical_sage (critique requested)

She's a Pirate! [ Treasure Planet ] ; [ Viiraa ] (critique requested)


15 August 2014 at 09:33:37 MDT

**" What's th'worst that could happen? " **

"We could get caught. "

*" But we have these awesome outfits ; don't be such a sourpuss, Nyx ~~ " *

Based on, well, Treasure Planet! One of those things that have a lack of love. Geeze, we need more things like this - erhm. Anyways, somewhere along the line, Space Pirates /had/ to be a thing. So, we decided to go with that.

Space Pirates - which leads to a case of misidentification and the realization that, hey, while being dressed as a pirate is cool, it's not cool when you wake up in the brig, or . . . whatever. Hella cool clothes though tbh.

Suihei ©   whimsicalsage whimsicalsage
Artwork © Viiraa