I'm a guy (debatable - but follow me here) who draws a webcomic no-one reads, named Woods for the Trees.

Read it or I start killing children.

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Still Liking Weasyl

on 19 January 2014 at 19:46:17 MST

So I'm still here, not abandoned anything or nothing like that, but I am still on the fence about Weasyl. It has some functions that I think beat most art sites I've used, and others that generally annoy me. One is quite important given the nature of most of my work - that of sequential art, if I can be all pompously faggy for a second and use a big-worded term for "I draw the funny funnys".

There still isn't a decent "forward and back" link doodad on Weasyl that I can find - and short of going back through each and every one, editing them to add it in the description (which I could not be less arsed to to) it means that viewing these strips is still better over on one of the actual comic sites - which is fine I guess, but given I don't really draw much non-comic related stuff any more due to lack of shits about most of it it does leave me in the weird position of wanting to use Weasyl but it being worse to use than other sites I already use.

So yeah...basically I'm saying I'll suck it up and upload more here - but that I really still don't like the interface as much as that of the stupidly simple to use FA.

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    I READ YOUR COMIC. So unless I'm nobody a bird reads it yo

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    Hey :3 Sorry for the long reply haven't been on here in ages, forget my password every time lol

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    Hey, thanks for the follow dude~ Allow me to return the favor~

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    oh my it's you, too! Hiiiiiiiiiiiii

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    haaaaaaaaa, that banner looks familiar

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      Yeah, it's an old one someone on DA made me....realised that it actually looks better than the one I made myself :P

      Cheers for the invite matey :D