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Hi, call me Gem, Fox, or Lulu. I'm a digital artist who draws humanoids, anthro, and animals SFW and NSFW
Fandoms you'll see here are MlPfim, pokemon, and general anime. I love both fanart and OCs. :)

Gender: Female
Sexuality: Pan or Bi
♂ + ♀=Love
♀ + ♀=Love
♂ + ♂=Love

Please do not take my art and post it anywhere without my permission.
Please do not try to rp with me. Its not something that I do.

Latest Journal

OPEN YCHs and Commissoins

on 26 May 2021 at 05:43:56 MDT

My Commissions and YCHs are pretty cheap so if you're interested in getting something from me check out these links

Commission sheet-
YCH1 Bow Bondage-
YCH2 Laying Here-
YCH3 Milk Stockade-
YCH4 Outfit Pinup-

Feel free to ask any questions or concerns you may have. :)

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    oh you like the strange. . .i classify myself as strange!