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Hi there!

I'm Westly! Occasionally a bat-winged wolf-hyena, typically an Anusian Strigorii, which is my very own type of vampire.

I'm a big RolePlayer, I have dreams of owning my own Muck. I like drawing varied characters, and I'm currently working on two comic projects!

You can find my TOS Right here!

I'm super friendly. Feel free to IM me!



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Westly wants a Bed - Opening Commissions

on 11 January 2015 at 01:15:11 MST

The Situation

So, I've had this bed that I've been wanting to build for some time now. I've got plans drawn up, and I've got the space to put it. Everything has been deliciously measured out, and I'm ready to begin the actual process of putting this sucker in my room to make more room for my cat to roll around in the middle of my bedroom floor covered in catnip and joy. He's that kind of cat.

The problem? Recently, my car threw its timing belt. It's that special kind of engine that if this happens it can destroy the pistons. The cost of putting a timing belt back on and finding out if the pistons are shot?


That's just to find out if the pistons are shot.

Are my pistons shot? Yes, yes they are.

How much does it cost to replace an engine in a 99 Hyundai?

Everything told? $3,000.

So, this was pretty much my savings. My savings is now shot. Yes, I have enough to pay my bills, buy my food, and put gas in my car (And pay for the rental). But luxuries have gone the way of the dodo.

The Solution?

Well, I'm an artist, aren't I? And there's a lot of people out there who are looking for art. So! I would like for you to sponsor my bed.

I'm not expecting you to do this for free! But I figure if I can part the actual bed out into sections, we'll be able to get the thing built, despite me not having any more savings!

So, overall, I need the following:

2 60" 4X4 - For the legs
2 84" 4X4 - For the legs
5 84" 2X4 - For supports, and rails
21 56" 2X4 - For supports, rails, mattress supports, and ladder
Hardware - Bolts, Screws, Washers, Nuts

I have the tools to build this, and it's going to be a pretty simple platform bed that is screwed into the wall to keep it from wiggling. It's going to be built over my desk, so that I can sleep over my work space, and create more open space in my bedroom.

What do YOU get out of this?

Sponsor a 1/2 2X4 - Roughly $2.50 - I will do you a pencil/digital black and white bust sketch!

Sponsor a WHOLE 2X4 - Roughly $5 - I will cell shade you a Digital icon
Sponsor a 4X4 - Roughly $10 - I will do you a full color digital Icon, or a cell shaded Digital bust!
Sponsor two 4X4 - Roughly $20 - I will do you a full color character Digital image on a simple background!
Sponsor my Hardware - Roughly $20 - See above!

There are very few things I won't draw - Feel free to ask!

How do I get my art?

Contact me here on Weasyl, via AIM (DeadBoyDraws) or toss me an email at
If you would like to see your digital commission streamed via Tigerdile - I will be more than happy to do so!
If you do not want your commission streamed via Tigerdile - Please tell me!
If you want your traditional media shipped - Please let me know so I can calculate cost!
Difficult, or complicated characters (Many horns, wings, limbs) may require more half 2X4s.

Random other stuff

The rest?
I won't be building the bed until commissions are finished. Yes, I will upload a picture.
Commissions for this are limited! Get them while they're hot!
Why don't I just buy a new car? Bad credit, debt anxiety, and a very small savings (Obviously)
Do I draw porn? Oh yes, yes I do.
How's your Cat? He's great! He's sleeping on my desk as we speak!
Will you be open later? I have a super busy job that keeps me super busy, also, I'm working on my writing more. So, maybe? I'd like to rebuild my savings, so I'm pretty sure I won't be open at these prices again!

Thanks for reading!

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Full Color
$ 15.00
$ 7.00

Digital Character Portrait

Full Color Portrait
$ 35.00


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