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T10K COMIC: page 53 by West

T10K COMIC: page 53


22 August 2015 at 16:33:13 MDT

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An action-adventure-intrigue anthro webcomic by moi and my main mang kardi! :D Updating once a week Fridays!

And heyyy, check it out, guys! If you wanna see more T10K stuff, scope out our little Patreon!

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(Had a technical snafu over here last night, but uploaded today, whew!)

Mucho thanks to the following for lending their characters for this crowd scene of T10K...!

desertranger -- Kail the Coyote and Tasha the Husky
KristanDL -- Egor Kote the Pallas Cat
SoraSilverbeat -- Silver Beat the Cat
QuilliamPen -- Quilliam the Quarter Horse
Falico -- Jet Calico the Foxcat
rabbi-tom -- Red Shetland and the Rabbi
cwolfe -- Chase Wolfe the Otter
arkarian -- Arkarian the Jaguar
TreeWeasel -- Amber Ryskamp the Garden Dormouse
mthefox -- Malum Lar Familiaris the Foo Dog
fluffystorm -- Édith - European Jackdaw
minds_syzygy -- Ave the Otter
Tsarin -- Tsarin the Snow Leopard and Terryn the Lion
Bering -- Ariella Demsky the Blandford's Fox

addendum: worry not, readers! Those of you who submitted characters for the crowd scene and who didn't show up on the other pages -- we'll be looking for other background characters for a panel or two next issue.