fightfightfight. by wendigoflesh



18 September 2014 at 04:31:15 MDT

This one disappointed me. Mostly because I went from a full body thing to just cropping it out because it looked shit.
But I'm good with the results! This probably won't be the only interaction freebie I do, I'm picking them out and doing them whenever I feel like it so.

Clarence (left) belongs to me.
Philip belongs to OddOly

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    Duuude, this is brilliant! I already said it on tumblr but I won't get tired of repeating it - thank you so much! :D Make sure to drop something in my interaction prompt journal when I brush up my to-do list a bit to actually do it too!

    And I'm chuckling because I had a wisdom tooth pulled out today and it was a surprising amount of blood (and I got to keep the tooth!) and it's like Philip is trying to spread some toothache around (not like he needs an excuse)! XD

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      Awh, you'e welcome! Your ocs are not yet safe though because the chances are that Clarence will want to get back at him. Or Pen would want to for the sake of Clarence. and I will aha.

      No pain no gain haah. Philip caught my attention pretty quickly with his bio. Plus him and Clarence have some pretty neat similarities involving head trauma, habits and involuntary impulsive things so it was sort of meant to be.

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        Haha, that's neat - feel free to draw anything (I generally have a "no killing or damaging irreparably" rule when it comes to violence among OCs but anything else is fair game)! :D And yeah, I had a feeling you might like Philip, some of our characters do have similar backgrounds!