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i write sometimes [tw?]


6 February 2014 at 16:29:47 MST

pen is a bad man and clarence probably needs a lot of medical attention
might delete this
i dont like posting my writing much

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    This was sort of scary (I'm uh... not really squeamish in general as you might have gathered from Cop Story already, but certain things really affect me) but it was good. Interesting. I'm always a bit wary when reading an author I've never read before because honestly there are tons of ways to much writing up (or at least make it unappealing for me) but this is good. Could use some work, I guess, but I like it. :)

    I also like subjects you handle - guilt-tripping, pain, pills. The general direction these days seems to be to show characters with any issues undergoing countless hours of therapy because it's The Right Way and if you're writing anything else, ew, you're setting an unhealthy example. I dunno, man. Life is complicated. I'm not glorifying anything, I just think there isn't one right cookie-cutter solution for everyone.

    Heh, I said I couldn't promise feedback and then this... You can tell me if my talking makes you uncomfortable or anything, I just think that personal art and writing deserves a chance of personal response.

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      I get kinda worried about posting Pen and Clarence related things because it's very heavily based on toxic relationships and toxic people and I worry about triggering people with it. It's definitely not meant to be a nice setting at all - a lot of pen and clarences' story is based around their general interactions being extremely damaging to each other. Yeah, there are some things I want to change or edit about it.

      It's hard to write these guys because the subjects I have to write through is very much based on their issues. And them eventually sorting out those issues but there's definitely a lot of them going through controversial things. Yeah, there definitely isn't a cookie-cutter solution - i've gone through a couple of therapy routes that haven't worked out just yet ahah. It's very based on the individual person I think.

      Ahh, on the contrary I really appreciate the amount of feedback on it. I'm glad to get some sort of response from it. It's nice to have someone who gives good opinions on things. <:

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        I look at it this way: just because a protagonist is doing something it doesn't mean I should do the same. I like flawed characters and I don't think they should be right 100% of the time. So all that talk about fiction "setting an example" is more or less rubbish - fiction should make you think about issues and if you want an example perhaps you better watch Disney. Oh wait, Disney has some sad stuff. The Teletubbies then?

        As for triggers, I think anyone reading adult fiction should expect some unsettling stuff at some point. But maybe I say that because my "triggers" (I don't like the term because people overuse it these days, anything one doesn't want to hear of is a trigger now) are far from average so scenes other people shrug off leave me curled up on the floor and depressed for days while average triggering stuff just seems mildly sad. Like you said, individual stuff.

        But yeah, sometimes people just end up in a cycle of hurting themselves and each other and it's tough to get through it. Looking forward to learning more of their story. :)

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          Yeah, the writer definitely isn't the character. In fact a lot of their story is both of them being wrong protagonists - a lot of flaws and while they do have some good qualities they're both quite delusional so what you think is fact is more their skewed perspective on it more than anything else. It's pretty fun to mess with. Yup, there's not really any example setting here ahah.

          Iunno, I feel like a lot of my stuff might hit home pretty hard because I base some of it on personal things but I'd definitely not want to genuinely upset anyone with it. Hence putting a lil 'tw' just in case to give a warning because this story definitely.. has it's moments. But it's probably a lot easier to just close the tab or stop reading once you notice the warnings on it so I don't think I should have too much troubles with it.
          Yeah, relationships like that - platonic or otherwise - are interesting to work through with writing.

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            Yeah, that seems reasonable! :) And I have no doubts it can hit home pretty hard, I just mean that you can never know what it'll do to any reader because everyone has their own set of personal experiences, vulnerable spots and pressure points. So warning people is nice but ultimately you can't do much about it - I once spent an evening crying over something a police official tweeted and I'm pretty sure they didn't mean to upset anyone.

            And oh man, yes, different (and sometimes skewed) perceptions of reality are so interesting to write! Doing it a lot too.

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    This was real and that's probably the biggest reason it bothered me.

    Bothered in a good way though! It's a genre I don't typically read -because- of it's reality and intensity, but you put it all together really well, kind of made it safe? I'm not sure how to describe it. But I was able to stick with the characters and empathize, this was really fantastically written.

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      I get pretty worried about hitting too close to home with these guys and the things that happen with them (bothering/unsettling people in a good way is ok but wow the fear of genuinely upsetting people with parts of this is sstrong) .. I'm glad I get to write bits where they improve as much as I write bits like this ahah.
      Thanks though! I'm glad you like it. ;o; I'unno if I'll be posting more writing so much as occasional snippets of the full thing but with all the positive feedback so far i miiight. ;-;