Sketch / Concept Dump 1 by WellHidden

Sketch / Concept Dump 1


14 April 2014 at 19:07:37 MDT

This time on: "I DIDN'T KNOW SHE DREW HUMANS???"
Yeah I almost never post them.
I'm also giving a heads up I may post the sketches on Tumblr and move them there because WellHidden is a bunch of classy work.
... I say that yet I'm littering my submissions with adoptables, whoops.
Ah well. They'll be moved soon too!
I'll make a formal announcement once I do start getting ready to post adopts there, but for now, feel free to go follow Scary Scary

Yeah, black/white sketches mainly in this dump. This is like, March-April doodles I think?? I've been busy with schoolwork and haven't drawn much, so it's sort of small considering.
However this file is huge and I heavily advise NOT zooming in. Oh god.
I mean, you're welcome to but I can't be blamed for not warning you. :'I

Yeah, anyway.
Some characters you've seen? Jasper. Yeah that's about it.
I have a ton of characters never been posted.

  • Up top we've got an unknown dude and Infrarage Infrarage's character, Chevy. Friend of Flea's.
  • Lower we have some humanoid concepts for Stry, an awesome design I got from AriiKnave @ dA!
  • Below that, Jasper with his common Casino uniform, Mam being awkward, and the newer Ampere design. More humanoid, less flowy hair. All sad, I know.
  • ON THE VERY BOTTOM IS MY PRIDE AND JOY, JAKE.I mean I love every one of my characters but this guy is currently undergoing story development. He has been for a while now.Aliens. Aliens aliens aliens. Oohohoho aliens.

YEP. Not giving any more information than that. Secret stuff. shhh.