Rare Rasuren Adopt! [CLOSED] by WellHidden

Rare Rasuren Adopt! [CLOSED]


2 March 2014 at 22:54:15 MST

** Now belongs to CrossroadsKing **

Some things to know about this Rasu:

  • Can be male, female, genderless, or both genders.
  • It's a long bodied, normal tail Rasu.
  • CAN BE anthro or humanoid too!
  • Markings are styled with space inspiration.
  • Has different hands/feet than normal, but they are still common.
  • Eyes have swirled pupils.
  • Teeth are non-venomous. (You may not change this)
  • This Rasu's psychic ability is hypnotism! (May not change unless you ask me specifically)
  • Has three rarities!
    • Regal breed of rasu (more fluff all around)
    • Glitter Scale trait, making the scales extra sparkly. (ooo)
    • The marking on its cheek is unusually shaped

Species info:

Rules of purchase:

  • You absolutely may NOT claim this species as yours
  • You may NOT resell this character UNTIL You ask me specifically
  • You must credit me for the species within submissions. Not all the time, but every now and then is great.
  • You are allowed to change the colors/markings slightly with permission.
  • You must put the number 77 in the comment/note when you wish to purchase.
  • Please let me know if you have any questions about the species at ANY time, I'm happy to answer questions!

What you get when you purchase:

  • The ability to call this special rasu your character!
  • You may name it, give it stories, draw it however you please.
  • Not depending on the tier, you get the basic file of the character with the color plate next to it.
  • Any tier up will get what is requested with it after purchase a while longer.

Boring stuff!
I haven't drawn in over a week and I wanted to practice, so I ended up making an adoptable to practice. Made this fellow in the end!
I like how it came out, sorta??? Yes.
ANYWAY. I need to sell this anyway I want to get my broski a birthday present yessssss

Rasuren are a CLOSED species! You may NOT make your own! uvu <3

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