*Offer to Adopt* Super Rare Chromad! [OPEN] by WellHidden

*Offer to Adopt* Super Rare Chromad! [OPEN]


14 February 2014 at 10:04:13 MST

This Chromad is a super rare type of chromad! (Not only is it a baby buuuut...)
This species of chromad is known as a Sweet-Eater because they have grown attached to delicacies of human desserts.
Chromads like these are normally domesticated but are also very hard to come by.

Things that should be known about this Sweet Eating Chromad:

  • His/Her/Its tail is made entirely of bundled up caramel! I wouldn't recommend eating it but...
  • The arms and legs are sticky with caramel
  • The claws are actually really sticky as well rather than sharp
  • Big gecko-like tail because Sweet chromads tend to store most of their fat in their tail!
  • Smells like caramel
  • Tastes like caramel
  • Is it caramel???
  • Who knows!
  • (hint: me)

Rules on offer to adopt:

  • Offer Money, Art, Designs, etc.
  • If you must offer points I'm looking for more than 1,000
  • If I don't reply to your offer it means I most likely do not accept
  • Do not remove your offer thinking I have declined because I may not see it (I will always be looking back on offers)
  • If you offer a design please go by this;
  • Make a design: Show some examples of your previously made designs*Already made design: Link it along with any species info you may have on that
  • I will update this drawing once I have accepted an offer!
  • If I am considering your offer I will comment on your offer. Please do not think I have accepted until I downright say "I accept your offer!"

Brownie points on offers:
Make-a-design offers

If I haven't accepted an offer before this, I will stop taking offers on Sunday the 16th at 10PM

Offer away!

Chromads belong to Haunt & WellHidden
They are not an open species!

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