Chatting Away by Ween

Chatting Away


25 February 2014 at 20:10:31 MST

So many birthdays, haha. This is a gift for axelshane!

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    Cool draw.
    So many birthdays? hehehe.

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      It felt really weird to draw like this. Usually I'm doing painty stuff. If I ever do linework it's always very rough and sketchy, so I really had to push myself to make cleaner lines.

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        I know what you mean, drawing in a style somewhat different than usual feels weird.
        Right now is how I feel for now that I'm learning to draw and to paint... X3
        However came really good. :3
        About the other part of my comment, maybe was not he best place to comment, but found a bit funny considering the day this was posted. lol

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          Was it your birthday too? Hahaha! Man.

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            It was. :D
            The fun thing was to find too many birthday pics that day. XD
            However i still need to celebrate mine, since i was far too busy this week, maybe this Friday or Saturday will do something.
            Maybe I will finish a game where i been stuck and lost far too many times? XD
            Or maybe could focus improving my drawing. :3
            Who knows?, i just want to do something this weekend. X3

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    I really do personally love this artwork and actually really have this as my background, This was really just a piece of work you did and I am sorry if I never left a comment here before hand due to its release. I honestly can't express just how talented you are through your artworks and I hope you never give up drawing... seriously you have the skill man and I really want to see more artwork from you, I personally am glad I met you that random day on FA! xD