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Iblis the Golden by Weeburd

Iblis the Golden


So Jack discovered Sekkai (which I'd known about for some time but not joined because shy) and joined and then asked me to join too for fun dragon things.

So I did.

And this is my first babbu.

She is Iblis and she is a nearly highly-strung air dragon with a penchant for expecting the very best out of everyone and making sure they know it if and when they don't live up to it. She's based off of a coatl but has four extra limbs JUST TO MAKE THINGS FUN/because the breed standard has them.

Based off of a Lammergeier for colours and highly aerobatic species like skuas, frigatebirds and falcons for bodyplan/wings.

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    so pretty!

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    oh man pretty lady!

    looks like a neat lil forum, I may have to look into it when I get my own laptop

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      It is! They're very relaxed and really helpful, plus even with the starter/common dragon breeds you can get HUGE variations and it's so neat ; u ;

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    :o is this a pretty dargon game I'm always down for pretty dargon games
    especially with vulturedargons

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      It's sort of a roleplay board thingy that I'm just edging into!

      They can be vulturey though they're very, very varied from dragon to dragon! I just got this girl and another sort of turkey vulture horse-ish girl sort of approved :D

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    So coool! Love the design!