In case of rambling include this by Weeburd

In case of rambling include this


14 February 2014 at 09:36:15 MST

Do you get it?


(Okay it'd be easier if I included antlers but w/e)


Because Liz has had some cockatiels abandoned on her doorstep and has been showing me them and making me the most jealous person on the planet because she gets tiel cuddletimes AND I DON'T AND WHAT SORT OF A CRUEL WORLD IS THIS GODDAMNIT.

I mean... uh...

I love cockatiels. If I had to choose One True Bird that wasn't a Philippine eagle or a Kakapo or a budgie (I can't pick favourites very often okay) it would be cockatiels. They are dippy, loveable little birds who can be a little shy but are full of character and floof AND CHEEKS OF DESTRUCTION.

All cockatiels are love but my favourite morph is pearl, especially in fallow or cinnamon, and with clear flights. Whiteface, too.

I also like giving things ungulate legs too so go figure.

I wanna make a persona out of this BUT I HAVE TOO MANY ALREADY and Weeburd needs an updated ref because she hasn't had one in forever and really needs one BUT THIS THING AKJSBAMHSBKAJHSB.

Even though this one is sort of female she has antlers too. Tieldeer antlers can come in pretty much any shape you want to give them so long as they're not STUPIDHUEG. Any colour combo you get on cockatiels or deer can be applied in various degrees of combination so long as it doesn't look -too- jarring. Ladies can follow cockatiel hen colouration rules but not always, it's up to you. So long as you have fun! I may offer adopts for these guys in the future or just let people go nuts and make one themselves idk they're not like SOOPER YOONEEK or nothin, ahah.

They have a cousin species, the Budgerigoat, too. Which has as many colours, forms and attitudes as goats and budgies.

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    I think just posting this in response to an aimless ramble with zero context would probably be one of the better ones.

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    It's so cute and prancy! those cheek poofs are to die for <3