Pony Q&A #36: Who does your tailoring? by Webster

Pony Q&A #36: Who does your tailoring?


25 May 2014 at 12:33:50 MDT

Q: I know that you are a demopony, can work with integrated circuits, and enjoy photography with other ponies. Do you have any other skills you wish to share, such as engineering or medical?
Q: So who does your custom tailoring? It's hard to find things for such well endowed stallions, I know that for a fact. >.-.<

A: Tailors cost too much. So I do my own sewing. Magic helps. You’ll notice most of my clothes are pretty simple. I’m not that great at making anything really fancy, but there are a lot of tutorials and how-tos out there that are not too hard to follow. I think the most complicated piece I’ve done is the dress I showed off earlier. The corset I modified from an existing piece, though. I’ve not gotten good enough to make it myself.