Speed paint - Dragon island by Webmegami

Speed paint - Dragon island


13 May 2014 at 14:52:30 MDT

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Since the weather sucks in my country, even if we're in May, I dream about islands, sun and sea... XD

Anyway a small speed paint done for fun with a new OC, I tried to create a nice holiday card. Haha! Someone else wishes for a sunbath too? I don't know for the specie of this lady, something between the mermaid and the water dragon I guess.

Hope you will like it...

Art and character © Webmegami

Original link: http://webmegami.deviantart.com/art/Speed-paint-Dragon-island-453833149

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    Looks so much like a postcard. It's lovely.

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    Gorgeous, love the way the tail looks and love the way you did the face and nose. Beautiful piece keep up the great job!

    Sorry, couldn't stop gawking.

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    Oh wow, I really love this design. She's beautiful, her tail is gorgeous.

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      Thank you very much! ^^

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        Seriously, this is beautiful. I could stare at her all day because her colors are so vibrant and pretty.

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          I'm glad that you like her so much. :3 I should draw more of her or of similar characters in the future.