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Waniverse Character Chart Ver 4.1 (Rev 2018.09.24) by wanikami

Waniverse Character Chart Ver 4.1 (Rev 2018.09.24)


23 September 2018 at 19:21:20 MDT

It's been five years since my last character chart and ten years since my very first chart, so I've been making this new one, with all the new characters that have been added to the Waniverse since 2013. I also added last names to characters who previously didn't have one. Over the years, these characters developed, evolved, and changed drastically. Some ideas were dropped while others were expanded on. Here's a quick updated list of all of them, including ten brand new characters being formally introduced on FA for the first time on the chart:

Sobek Wanikami: (Purple-Haired Krokodyle) Artist, Nintendo otaku, 80s/90s nostalgic; named after the Egyptian krokodyle god Sobek
Zane Lepagi: (Caramel-Haired Bunny) Sobek’s boyfriend; IT technician, always wears his trusty fannypack; loves shmups and PC gaming, has a fondness for the old 70s tokusatsu show, “Breaker Bunny”
Maya Yukata: (Magenta-Haired Krokodyle) Sobek’s gaming rival and roommate; tom-boy; loves first person shooters, used to date Butch and Axe, currently dating Yakari
Yakari Babilla: (Spectacled Caiman) Maya’s boyfriend and friend of Sobek; Shorter but older than Sobek; heavily interested in military mecha and 80’s hip-hop

Butch & Co:
Butch Wanikami: (Black-Haired Krokodyle) Sobek’s younger cousin; was the linebacker for the university’s football team; partying fratboy
Dunn Warner: (Boar) Born and grew up in Black Forest, Arkansas. Was the Center for the university’s football team; loves cooking and barbecuing, smoking hickory-flavored cigars.
Beateau LeChatte: (Cat) Dunn’s stoner, cajun boyfriend; Laid-back, mellow music aficionado; hangs out at record stores collecting vintage LPs
Oliver "Ollie" Baysch: (Hippo) Hyde’s son and Butch’s boyfriend; was in the football team while in college; lived with his mother after the divorce; wanted his father’s approval by joining the football team in college
Lucas Dyers: (Shark) Butch’s boyfriend; former football player; traveled the country for 7 years after graduation; now a bouncer at Club Phibian; is a total pervert, had a bad relationship with his dad and doesn’t talk about it, has a thing for older males

Loopy Lepagi: (Punk Bunny) Zane’s happy-go-lucky younger brother; dyes his hair different colors depending on his mood (his natural hair color is brownish blond, like his brother); is a member of the DJ group Quartbeat.
Garry Wruen: (Dragon) Loopy’s boyfriend; member of the “Quartbeat” DJ group, has known Loopy since elementary school
Goa Trancer: (Gorilla) Garry’s friend from high school; member of the “Quartbeat” DJ group; loves trance and hardcore music
Schranz Gabber: (Bear) Goa's boyfriend, visual artist for Quartbeat

Axe Harappa: (Red-Haired Krokodyle) Member of the “Hexscalez” DJ group; used to crush over Maya; considers “Quartbeat” to be his musical rivals
Gary Naver: (Alligator) Member of the “Hexscalez” DJ group; collects old synths and MIDI equipment; loves Pocky treats
Joey Olseni: (Alligator) Naver’s BF since high school, newest member of Hexscales; loves to draw

Nerdchub Club:
Lance Johnston: (Blonde-Haired Kroko) Owns and operates a comic book/anime/record store called Otaku-N; collects vintage action figures; holds RPG game nights at his home
Kenji Nukita: (Tanuki) Anime otaku; enjoys building models of anime mecha; used to live in Japan as a child
Pero Cullas: (Mouse) Twin brother/boyfriend of Mani; Geeky, playful and a bit pervy; Orphan; hopped from one foster family to another w/ his bro
Mani Cullas: (Mouse) Twin brother/boyfriend of Pero; stylish and outgoing; known to be a risk-taker
Newton Brandt: (Hamster) Hipster and friend of Mani Cullas, works at Otaku-N as the resident music nut.
Hiro Inari: (Kitsune) Shy and geeky at times; has a crush on Kenji

Club Phibian:
Alonso "Ko-Qui" Rincon: (Coqui Frog) Popular local rapper; owns the Club Phibian nightclub; known in certain circles to be a total player and horndog.
Della Hynobi: (Salamander) Superfan of Koqui and his music, later finds out through her mother that Koqui is actually her father
Tenka Ryuutou: (Eastern Dragon) Bartender at Club Phibian. very cosmopolitan and travels the world on his off-time. Oftens chats it up with the patrons, offering advice and encouragement
Rocky Cerotini: (Rhino) Bouncer at Club Phibian; Straight; takes his work seriously; does not approve of KoQui and Lucas's perverted tendencies.

Wanikami Clan:
Suchos Wanikami: (Krokodyle) Sobek’s father, works as an architect. Very shy about discussing intimate topics.
Neith Wanikami: (Krokodyle) Sobek’s mother, Suchos's wife
Arsinoe Wanikami: (Krokodyle) Butch's dad, Suchos’s brother and Sobek’s uncle; a mechanic who loves football and fixing vintage motorcycles.
Cleo Wanikami: (Krokodyle) ~NEW CHARACTER INTRODUCTION~ Butch's mom, Arsinoe's (ex?)wife
Sochet Wanikami: (Krokodyle) Sobek/Butch's grandfather, Suchos/Arsinoe's father; head patriarch of the Wanikami family
Renenet Wanikami: (Krokodyle) ~NEW CHARACTER INTRODUCTION~ Sobek/Butch's grandmother, Suchos/Arsinoe's mother

Augustus “Gus” Lepagi: (Bunny) Zane/Loopy’s father; geeky like Zane; a professor at the University, former (?) swinger
Sylvia Lepagi: (Bunny) Zane/Loopy’s mother, met Gus in college and married soon after, former (?) swinger
Hyde Baysch: (Hippo) Coach of the university football team; strict with his training but caring to his players; was dormmates with Gus during college in the 70s; was in a brief relationship with Dyers
Adhela Baysch: (Hippo) ~NEW CHARACTER INTRODUCTION~ Ollie's mother, Hyde's ex-wife
Tammi Hamilton: (Squirrel) ~NEW CHARACTER INTRODUCTION~ Sylvia's college dormmate in the 70s, is a professor of computer science

Klaus Pelznick: (Krokodyle) The Christmas Kroko; 200 years old, CEO of a major shipping company; likes cruising for younger guys during the off-season
Easton Connello: (Rabbit) Sylvia's older, and sometimes grumpy brother; member of the local chapter of the Fraternal Brotherhood of the Vernal Equinox and local Easter Bunny; prefers going to bars over wearing his silly uniform during the Spring
Dolph Tarandi: (Reindeer) ~NEW CHARACTER INTRODUCTION~ Manager of transportation services at Klaus's company
William Bilby: (Rabbit) ~NEW CHARACTER INTRODUCTION~ Former Easter Bunny, was the head officer of the Vernal Equinox brotherhood when Easton was in college in the mid 70s

Yukata Clan:
Tezza Yukata: (Pink-Haired Krokodyle) Maya’s younger sister; always peppy and loves helping others; friends with Loopy, sometimes does vocals for Quartbeat
Quinn Yukata: (Pink-Haired Krokodyle) Maya and Tezza's father, former Navy officer, very manly and loves football.
Marsh McGrew: (Alligator) Tezza’s boyfriend; Was the star quarterback for the university football team

Cajun Country:
Pa Naver: (Cajun Gator) Chubby and in his 40’s; lives in a house out in the bayou
Gav Naver: (Cajun Gator) In his 20’s and lives with his father Pa

Black Forest, AR:
Bubba Warren: (Boar) Dunn's older redneck brother; enjoys mudding in his truck and smoking cigars
Clyde Coleken: (Donkey) Travels the country as a trucker employed by Klaus's delivery service, Dunn's high school friend
Jasper Mulberry: (Opossum) ~NEW CHARACTER INTRODUCTION~ Dunn's high school friend
Bos Auroch: (Bull) ~NEW CHARACTER INTRODUCTION~ Dunn's high school friend, was in the high school football team, afraid to admit his crush on Jasper

Harajuku Lizards:
Kodo Motang: (Monitor Lizard) Dresses in urban fashion; has a pendant that can hypnotize/seduce dudes
Geki Phelsuma: (Gecko) Kodo’s genderfluid mate; enjoys vibrant colors and sugary music.

Marina Docks:
Noah Dyers: (Shark) Lucas's estranged father; an abusive alcoholic that didn't approve of Lucas being gay; this friction has led to his son not speaking to him for years.
Devon Salimani: (Coelacanth) Noah Dyers's drinking buddy; often let Lucas sleep over during fights with his dad whie in high school; secretly bisexual

Marina Beach:
Lonny Canaden: (Otter) owner of a surf shop on the boardwalk, former surfer during the late 80s and early 90s
Kirra Balcomb: (Orca) ~NEW CHARACTER INTRODUCTION~ Lonny's husband, met at a surfing competition in the early 90s

Non-Waniverse Characters

Captain Verm Scurvytail: (Rat) Captain of a band of gay pirates; often goes about wearing nothing but a thong
Gustav Krolik: (Rabbit) Soft-spoken strongman with a heavy Polish accent, has encounters with everyone on the ship, but is oblivious to Scurvytail's advances
Moger Moleson: (Mole) ~NEW CHARACTER INTRODUCTION~ Newest addition to the pirate crew, very shy and is surprised by the open gayness of the crew.

Frex (Saurian) A bodybuilder/exhibitionist