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The Faith of the Fallen by WanderingPariah

The Faith of the Fallen


27 October 2012 at 11:22:20 MDT

A fantastic piece by the immensely talented Twilight-goddess. She is an absolute joy to work with to say nothing of being a fantastic and an inspiring artist.

A sketch commission, of all things. Yah, that's right. This was a sketch. I am equally awed and astounded. Such powerful work, no matter what it is called. I am such a fan, I think I will absolutely need to get more. A fatal addiction, it would seem. Well, as fatal as the rest of life!

Kayin and Ariyah intertwined and bound by Fate. A cruel irony. Or perhaps a blessed fate in disguise. So often ripped away after struggling back to one another time and again. Time and again falling, only to stand back up and start over once more. Some might consider repeating the same action ad nauseum with the same result the definition of insanity. Perhaps it is. Or perhaps it is a powerful Faith.

Kayin and Ariyah in a statuesque pose, inspired by Terry Goodkind's Faith of the Fallen from the Sword of Truth series. A stunning and inspiring work in and of itself.

Thank you again twilight-goddess! More to come!

Ariyah © Symphonicascension

Kayin © Wanderingpariah

Artwork © Twilight-goddess

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