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Finally by Wanderer



Kiusa: "Maxieeeeeeee~"

A fuzzy figure of purple fur and red stripes formed behind. Another visit to her object of adoration: Max. Who, in turn, took a big sip of his Ginger tea before replying.

Max: "...Yes?"

The playful feline floated over to his side, putting her head on his shoulder, nuzzling his face.

Kiusa: "Watcha doin~?"

His stern expression remained constant, albeit slightly blushing from the close contact.

Max: "Well...I WAS enjoying the peace and quiet,"

She moved her hand ever so slightly across his shoulder.

Kiusa: "Daww, but that's so boriiiiiiing,"

The flirty kitty moved her tail to coil around his leg, stroking it gently.

Kiusa: "...wouldn't you rather play with me~?"

Max: "..."

His silence was met with a devious grin from her.

Kiusa: "Heehee, it's kinda cute when you clam up like that -but I'll bet you're even cuter when you smileeeee~"

She gestured her finger over his cheeks, drawing an imaginary smile across his face.

Max: "...Hm"

A moment of blissful silence was had, before she continued-

Kiusa: " do you feel about me?"

He stopped drinking his tea for this,

Max: "...What?"

She moved her hands lower into a full-on hug from behind.

Kiusa: "Wellll~, I just wanted to know - if you have any feelings for would be the time to tell me"


He used his pinkie to cushion the landing of his tea cup.

Max let out a sigh under his breath, and turned his head slightly towards her's.

Max: "Ya wanna know how I feel, huh?"

Kiusa then released her hold on him and stood back, eyes brimming with excitement, nodding her head off.

"Max...sometimes there are things that you can't matter how hard you can't be there for everyone...but there'll be a time when you'll find someone who tries as hard as you...and when you everything you can to hold that person close."

He turned and looked at the girl.

Max: "...Well, truth is...I do have feelings for you"

Her eyes widened with joy as she was visibly giddy from hearing that,

Max: "...I feel that you're kind of annoying."

Kiusa's ears then drooped down, eyes cringing, and as she was about to poof her cheeks in disappointment...

Max moved in and kissed her right on the lips.

She stared in disbelief - the grump cheshire of whom she had plying at for weeks (maybe even months) was doing something this affectionate. The surprise didn't last long - melting away as she closed her eyes to enjoy their kiss.

Afterwards he finally ceased to whisper delicately into her ear. "...And I think thats kinda cute..."

Her entire being tingled with titillating rapture at his deep voice entering her ear - her tail couldn't help but stand up straight, all fuzzed out.

She then looked slightly over to his face to see a surprise - a sly smirk stretched across Max's face.

Kiusa blushed as red as a tomato - this was beautiful.

Kiusa: "EEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeee"

She exclaimed, before pouncing on him.

Needless to say - they're goin' steady.

This lovely and cute artwork was commissioned by my friend Naomasdarkside from another friend of mines, Kayla


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