WG DRIVE - UPDATE 4 by walkitalki



15 March 2019 at 19:59:13 MDT

Harper's starting to look decent now but she could always go bigger, as the old saying goes! As for her little friend boot here, he looked so hot, and the summer sun just wouldn't stop doing what it does, so she took it upon herself to help him out!

Winter's practically over and our goopy gal Harper's really been unable to melt any of her accumulated mass off so it's just been piling on more and more! Thankfully lightness was near enough to her that she could have some fun and give him a suitable thank you for making some food runs for her!

This drive was to help me get myself a not-so-broken-car after my original car broke and I cannot thank you enough to the folks that have sent me help! Every tiny little bit has helped me so much in the interim between my move and it means so much to me to see the assistance!

$0 - $200 = Highest donors nerivalara & cashbrowns
$201 - $400 = UPDATE (REACHED!) boot
$401 - $600 = UPDATE (REACHED!) pyrofur
$601 - $800 = UPDATE (REACHED!) lightness
$801 - $1000 = UPDATE (REACHED!) muttninja

Thank you so much for all of your help!

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