Generation 1 by Wakerra

Generation 1


21 May 2018 at 19:24:53 MDT

So the crazy in me decided to individually log all 7,000+ of my Poke'mon cards in a database, and then export that information into Excel and organize it in a fashion that it can be printed into a spiral bound book, which I can then take with me to help in the instances I come across cards for sale.

I started collecting cards about mid Gen 3, and I stopped collecting mid Gen 4. as an avid collector, I always tried to get one everything I didn't have, and would trade off my duplicates. I have since acquired quite the collection, contained in 4 3-inch binders, and one 4-inch. Since I've stopped collecting new cards, I've tried to focus on finishing the sets I've already started, or in this case, all of gen 1-4.

When you get upwards of over 7,000 cards with few duplicates (counting Energies mostly, but they only make up a fraction of my overall total), it can be a lot to remember what is needed where, and what needs to be replaced due to condition. This is why I decided to take on logging the cards in a DB. After a long time looking over cards individually, I managed to log gen 1 and 2, and got a book printed of this data. I've been putting off Gen 3 for a very long time, as the total of cards in that collection is more than my gen 1 and 2 collection combined...

The picture above is going to be the first of five separators (the fifth separator will be for Japanese cards) for the book, obviously this one will be for Gen 1.