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Dream of Flying - animation by Waittiz

Dream of Flying - animation


Enigma is a gryphon-like dog-chicken mix called Silkiehund, whose greatest dream is being able to fly. One morning Enigma firmly decides to find a way how she can get her little chicken wings to carry her through the skies.

_ _ _

This is my degree/graduation work for Lybecker Institute of Crafts and Design. Characters and story (c) P. Martiskainen / Waittiz

Oh, and a "Silkiehund" is basically a mix of a Swedish Vallhund and a Silkie chicken. I guess that 'silkie' part in the name is quite obvious but people may not know the Vallhund breed of dogs usually.

Programs used:

ToonBoom Harmony Stage 9.2

Toonz Harlequin 6.2

Adobe Photoshop CS 3 & 5

Adobe Premiere Pro CS 5

Adobe After Effects CS 5

for sounds and musics:

Pro Tools HD

Sonic Fire Pro

Submission Information

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    This is just wonderful! love it :D I've always wanted to get into animation but never knew where to start, what would you recommend?

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      Sorry for the late reply! And first of all, thank you for your nice words! ^^

      Of course it's hard to tell what's the best way to get into animation for someone else, but I myself applied for a school where they teach the basics of animating (and of course have good programs for that, too). I'd say that the hardest thing with animating IS actually to learn to use the programs. Of course understanding how to create smooth movements with right timing is very important as well. So basically I'd recommend trying to find some course or something where they would teach you both the programs and the basics of animating itself. Of course there may be some online tutorials about the basics and everything like that but the harder part is to find really a good animation program :/ I'd love to animate even now after I graduated from that last school but I haven't found a program for that. There's some free ones you could download but at least for me they seem to be way too 'cut-down' versions after the professional programs we used at school...

      If you still would like to try out those free ones I know of, they are (or at least were) Plastic Animation Paper and MonkeyJam. In fact I haven't tried out MonkeyJam yet but I understood it was meant more for traditional animating (i.e. you animate on paper and scan the pictures for composing them on MonkeyJam).

      I wish you would find a way to try out animating. It's really a fun thing to do with the right 'equipment'! ;)

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        Many thanks! a very detailed response, and very helpful! :3 I happen to have run into a few animation courses recently so that may be my next move ^-^

        Again thanks for that, it's always good to get a decent answer like that x

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          No problem, I'm glad if I was of any help! ^^ And great, I really hope you could get into one of those courses :) I wish you good luck with it!

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    Awww, this is funny and adorable; I love it! :D

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      Thank you! :)

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    I can't remember when I saw such a wonderful animation! It totally overwhelmed me!

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      Thank you so much for your nice words! ^^

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    Oh, wow! This is so wonderful and sweet! I was laughing and crying at the same time, at the end! :D So lovely! :D

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      Haha, I hope that crying and laughing at the same time is a good thing x) Thank you very much!

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    Awesomeness! Go Silkiehund! Nice to see a breed such as a Swedish Vallhund being used. ^_^

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      Thank you very much! :D And Vallhunds deserve more attention around the world! They are such a lovely dogs (and of course my favourite breed)

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    Congrats on actually getting flap sequences right! Most people just make them go up and down and don't make them circle....

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      And even then the flap sequences I used here are reeeeeeeeally simplified. But I hoped it would look better than just making the wings go 'up and down' like you said :p Thank you!

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    All the Awwwwws X3

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      Haha, thanks for the comment! xD

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    That was absolutely adorable!

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      Thank you! ^^