Canine head mold for sale by Wahaneta

Canine head mold for sale


8 November 2015 at 13:04:09 MST

This is a mold used for casting foam blanks- the inside soft mold is made of durable silicone and the hard outer mold is a two sided fiberglass shell.
(There is a tiny bit of foam residue on the inside of the mold but it comes right out I was just in a hurry to snap some photos!)

NOW~ If purchased you will receive all rights to duplicate, edit, sell, repair, etc. Whatever you want to do with the mold and the casts that come from it.

I will give quick casting instructions for how I cast foam blanks and what materials I use to the buyer but if you're a beginner you're on your own with how to make the rest of the mask but there are tutorials everywhere for how to do everything.

I am looking to get $300 plus shipping for this mold.(expect shipping to be around $35 in the US)
Why the price? Really it's a steal, most foam blanks start at $50+ so you could make your money back quick.

I would like the full price paid up front, please send an email to if you're interested.

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    This looks really nice deal :D Shame i live too far. Hopefully someone gives it good new home :D
    But im puzzle about one thing, its the price. You say its steal as some start from 50, but you ask 300. so is there like typo? should it be 500? Just wondering ^_^:

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      I'm saying foam blanks start at $50. Most go for around $75-$100. This is a steal because you can make and sell your own foam blanks rather easily and selling them for a minimum $50 you'd make your money back on just 6 of them.

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        Ooh gotcha, thankie for clearing it more :D As i was really trying to figure out the meaning of that sentence there cx so thankie once more clearing!

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    Oh how neat. :y Is great shape and value.