[3DA] Pumpkin Queen by v--r

[3DA] Pumpkin Queen


25 September 2015 at 23:52:38 MDT

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First off she's not the Pumpkin Queen she's a pumpkin. The name comes from the fact every time I typed the word pumpkin I kept reading pumpking. Okay so this is my second Costumed Commission (as I'm now calling them because it sounds cool). Unfortunately I can't really use my Halloween logo on this picture without having to raising up the pumpkin patch behind Beiku so that my link ring won't get cut off; so instead I decided to place it on one of the pumpkins like it was a sticker. Anyway here is Beiku in an awesome cute/sexy pumpkin costume and I'm loving how it turned out. If you want your character in an awesome costume then be sure to send me a note~

vr - ART
AnimeNebula003 - CHARACTER

Made in Blender.