Klein Kaputt by Vosyl

Klein Kaputt


22 May 2013 at 13:36:42 MDT

This is a vent art piece over how I had a discussion with my mother and hospital staff. I also used the time to experiment with cel animation. Speaking of which...

I'm looking for Focused Critique on the areas of; Orientation of the typography, and ways to develop the animation further; should I make Voss change their position in the room or just animate their hair, do the drawing need more white space to be effective, or does it require colour or a limited palette.

Other: How's the timing for the clock? The frame is set to change at 150 miliseconds, I'm not sure if that's good or bad but it was looking choppy when I set it to 290+ msecs

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    The clock seems to speed up and slow down at points but I don't know if that is what you wanted or not.

    For composition purposes, something needs done to the text to make it look better; however, bad composition is how text actually seems to scrawl out when I am writing things while super depressed or any other state of mind where getting the writing out is more important than making it look pretty. Since this is a piece of art though, and considering my OCD, the word "gauntlet" as it is shown in relation to the other words -- like how its spaced out or something, and how "human" and "emotion" smoosh together, irritate me. But I mean, that's how it comes out on a surface when you just don't care.

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      I could say more about what I think about the composition but its really hard to do that. My mind just wants to grab things and move them around. Since I don't have a tablet yet I can't easily do redline and stuff like that.

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        The problem I had with writing the text was I had to hand write it to get the right 'natural' effect. Unfortuately all the insights I have into neurology and cognitive science, doesn't aid me in regards to having dysgraphia and dyslexia. This actually really bothers me now that you've mentioned it, I think I can download it and fix i up a bit...

        ...But I'm not sure if I can just revisit the theme of it in a new animation and move on. As this is kinda historical as my first serious attempt at animation. Also I know about the clock's pacing issue, it's a valid criticism, but it used to be so much worse. The flipside is the more frames I add in to make it flow more smoothly, there's an increase in file size so it's the size vs resolution. It's not an easy trade-off.

        But I'll write it here: "They put me in a room with no stimulation but I still run the gauntlet of human emotion" (as I know it's painful, for me at least, to read due to the bad composition) but you did understand or get an impression of what the text is about? I had the comphrension issue with a friend.

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          I can read it and comprehend what it says just fine. I was speaking about the composition.
          If this were me, I'd leave this one as it is and make a new one if I felt the urge to improve it. This seems like a thing where you were learning how to make a thing of this sort. Besides, the clock as it is can be interpreted as experiencing distortions in the perception of time, or something.

          What is having dysgraphia like?

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            It's painful. Tasks that require what's referred to as Fine Motor Control cause a neurological pain in the arm and hands and spreads over the entire body. So I can't write paragraphs or for more than twenty minutes without needing to take painkillers or parcetimel, like many people with the disorder I didn't even realize the pain was part of a medically recognized condition.

            Also I needed to take the WAIS-III with clinical inventories to get tested; it's split into two types of intelligence -a) Verbal and b) Functional. I'm bringing this up as one aspect of living with a specific learning disorder like having both dyslexia and dysgraphia really suck if a lot of your interests are academic in nature; For the Verbal subset I'm in the 92 percentile so I Have a substantially awesome mental ability, HOWEVER for Functional component of the test I don't think I scored higher than thirty percentile across most of the components (Exception was Sensory Processing/Spatial Awarness.) So what people take for granted in regards to learning and reading from books, and taking notes during lectures are basically impractical and impossible for me to do without frequent naps and medicine for dealing with pain. This is immensely frustrating and is part of my poor academic record, and why I switched to something that would be less difficulty given my personal conditions: Art.

            While I have a problem physically writing letters, I don't get the same cramping pain from using a paintbrush or stylus. Actually I'd really recommend a stylus and tablet not just for art but for casually browsing the web. (It also makes a lot of games easier, but fuck, if a game requires me to click on the tiniest box ever to advance dialogue or get to the next level; fucking christ, pain.) I also like that the course is less focused on Academic topics so I can read Roland Barthes on Media and Susan Sontag on Photography at a more leisurely pace, and any exams that do involve such reading are currently at a level I can deal with rapidly.

            TL;DR having disgraphia is painful, frustrating and often makes you feel like you aren't achieving to your potential.

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              "like having both dyslexia and dysgraphia really suck if a lot of your interests are academic in nature"

              Yea, I was already thinking about how much it would suck to do what I do, if I had that.

              Does clicking tiny hyperlinks about the size of "this" hurt?

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                How is typing?

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                  typing is fine as it's not really 'fine motor' controls, as I have this big ass keyboard. For tiny Urls I can just copy and paste but also my Monitor is a touch screen that's useful when someone's been a complete dick and made a FA Journal title an underscore.