Shopping Montage by Vorechestra (critique requested)

Shopping Montage (critique requested)


3 July 2019 at 16:48:37 MDT

Loopy and Twilight went for a date at the local mall, and Twi' suggests getting his girlfriend some new outfits for her. But it seems things didn't quite go to plan...

So I've been trying to get this finished since the start of January. I had it all sketched out, and was going to finish and post it on Valentines Day. The file crashed when I attempted to line it, and I shelved it for a few weeks when life got busy. I came back to it in May, got the first panel lined, and the file crashed again, and I lost all my progress. The third attempt two nights ago, and I got every lined until it crashed yet again and I lost all the progress on the final panel. But I pushed through and it finally saw the light of day.

All and all I'm happy to have gotten it done, learned more new things while making this like panels and musing fonts/speech bubbles, and it was fun to draw a modern setting for once. It also means I have a lot of knowledge if I want to make more comics in the future... (>v>)

It could be a bit more detailed but it's apparent my computer can't handle big files. (v.v)'