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Vorchitect (Christian G.) / 22 / 100% Mammale / Mid East Coast of Mid North America

Serve dank with a side of catfish. Y O U G R E E D Y D I R T B A G
Commissions: Closed
Trades: Sometimes
Requests: Open



If you're requesting something, don't ask if you can make a request and wait for my response. Just send me a PM about your request and I'll respond if I'll do it or not.
I make a ton of character concepts and never use them, so anyone can use them as long as they notify me and they cite me in the description.

Shadow C. Jonath is my "fursona." He is a Vulpraline. I am a human.
I am mainly an inflation, wg, expansion artist, but I also do normal pics, too.

I am a person who is not had much experience with social media and I'm not good with it. Most of my accounts are "Vorchitect." I'm most active on this art site, but I have accounts for the other art sites for reasons. YouTube is For videogame Let's Play stuff, aaand that's about it.
I am currently a traditional artist, or maybe sketch artist. Whatever us "pencil and paper," that's what I do.

exoticbutters exoticbutters is an alternate account of mine.

This site doesn't have the personal info like FA, so I'll just put in a few things here.

Favorite Artists: (in no specific order)
bliz bliz for their character,
Fa: PuffCollie th0mas vergilgoeswoof charem justanarcticfox salacunepudge tummyacid
Other Friends:
ghoulishmold ghoulishmold, voltwolf voltwolf
Also, my favorite pair is desimuffins23 and wallby
Real Name: Christian G.
Natural Hair Color: Dark Briwn
Eye Color: Hazel Brown
Race: White as hell
Orientation: Straight as hell, believe it or not
Relationship: Girlfriend broke up with me a few weeks ago. Single and depressed.
Occupation: Freshman in high school.
Favorite Food: Peanut Butter, Mac & Cheese, Pizza
Favorite Genre of Music: Dubstep, EDM, Dance, etc.
Favorite Let's Players in order:
Favorite Videogames in order:
Geometry Dash
Mortal Kombat X
Favorite Musical Artist: Azazal
Hobbies: Doodling and sketching; Playing videogames; Making crappy Let's Plays
Like about myself: Creativity, stupid sense of humor, sound of my voice, my dank memes.
Dislike about myself: Everything else.
Belief/Religion: See Real Name
Fears: The dark, bugs, Freddy Fazbear, something behind me.
Dreams/Goals: Be popular on this site and earn some money from commissions. Be a famous Let's Player. Be an actor.
Realistic Dreams/Goals: Be an animator and/or software engineer. Make Indie Games.
Favorite Color: Purple.
Favorite Movie: Anything with Chris Pratt
Favorite Show: SpongeBob SquarePants
Pet Peeves: People walking slowly in front of me. Ignorant people trying to sound smart. People insulting people for their interests or beliefs. People saying "times'd by" instead of "multiplied by." People butchering grammar in general.



Good Ol' Pencil and Paper

Full Color
$ 15.00
Line only
$ 5.00
No color
$ 10.00
No color, "hyper-shading"
$ 15.00
add  Additional Character(s)
$ 10.00
add  Scenery/Room
from $ 5.00
to $ 15.00


$ 1.00
Password to my phone
$ 10000.00

MS Paint (If you like that kind of stuff...)

Character - Full Body
$ 40.00
Character - Headshot
$ 20.00

Pixel Sprite

Pixel Sprite
$ 10.00
Pixel Sprite, Animated
$ 20.00

NOTE: These commission prices are only hypothetical. I do not currently accept commissions because I do not have payment info set up. I will accept commissions in the future, but not anytime soon. These prices are also subject to much change.
Requests are always open. Feel free to request anything below! I will take a lot of requests. If I'm not interested in drawing it, you can pay me to do it. (Not yet).

I am primarily a furry weight gain/inflation artist. I draw big, round bellies, but I also like drawing female critters with big melons and a big butt as well. :3
I can also draw normal critters with normal-sized bellies, but what's the fun in that?
I will not draw humans, nsfw, scat, water sports, vore. I may be missing some things, but I will tell you if I won't draw it.

Traditional art is drawn on regular old paper with coloring pencils. This is my main form of art, therefore costing the least. I am not as skilled at drawing characters digitally, and I do not have a great tablet to draw on. I suggest going to other artists if you wish for tablet art.
Some specific edits may be applied to art. Increasing contrast, sharpness, and saturation accordingly is standard, but additional edits may be applied with no additional cost.

Digital and Animation can be done with a solid or a transparent background. Will not have complex scenery, but simple background structures may be accepted.



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