Repurposed by VoltWolf



1 January 2018 at 14:19:23 MST

Complete info:

  • The paws cost $30 dollars (US).
  • Made with Black Luxury Shag Fox Faux Fur.
  • The pads are made out of pink felt, sewn in place and stuffed with polyfil (plan ol' stuffed animal filling). Fits well with a more toony style!
  • They are designed to be equipped with claws, like the example paw above (the one with green paw pads).
  • You get to choose what color the claws are. I will also sew on some fleece lining around the opening, so that the fur at the end doesn't become unruly. This lining will be a color of your choosing.
  • The claws will be made out of baked Sculpey, attached from the inside.
  • The fur was hand-cut using scissors (slightly uneven, but not terribly so).
  • Designed to fit my hands fairly snuggly.

  • Payment can be made by PayPal.

  • I will pay for shipping.

  • If you are dissatisfied or if the paws don't fit properly, the paws can be returned and fully refunded. (But the buyer will pay for the return shipping.)

  • Send me a private message if you're interested; this is not an auction, so whoever can be the first to say - with 100% certainty - that they will buy the paws, will be the person to get them.

My house has cats; there may or may not be some alergines on these paws.

Well, here's the first item I've ever put up for sale; I'm excited! And if nobody buys them, well... at least I already had the fur beforehand. Regardless, it was a fun* project that give me something to do.

*"Fun" here refers to the enjoyable outcome; the process, however, involved many tiring hours, infuriating mistakes, and a body that felt rather strange from all the caffeine that was consumed but not expended.