Hey guys!
If you're reading this, thanks! I'm glad to have someone come and check out my profile, and I hope you enjoy viewing what I put out.

Things that are a big part of my life will probably affect my content, such as my passion for music, my walk with God, and life in general. (But it's more likely that I'll just draw whatever random thought comes to my head.)

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I'm not completely lazy after all!

on 25 July 2017 at 22:10:52 MDT

Okay, just as a quick little update, I'd like to say that the first rendition of the ninth chapter for the story I'm working on has been completed. If you'll remember my last journal, I said that I wanted to complete ten chapters before I begin submitting it. So, progress is being made, and hopefully I'll have all ten chapters prepared within the next week or so. Keep pestering me to make sure I complete this goal, because even though I may not feel like writing at any given moment, I will appreciate that I did in the long run (and I'll appreciate you guys for holding me accountable to my goal).
And as I say on YouTube, have a blessed day/evening!

As of the wee hours of July 27, Chapter 9 has received its first round of editing, meaning that I will now move on to Chapter 10.

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