Hey. How ya' doin'? I hope the answer is something along the lines of, "Good," and if not... I hope things start going better.

My name's Voltaire, or Volt if you'd prefer. I dabble in a few different art forms - mainly traditional artwork, but I can also write stories and poems, as well as build fursuits and other physical projects. Generally, the stuff I draw is inspired by life experiences, so it's always a pleasure to share a little story with you guys.
I'm always hoping that I'll get a commission someday, but then again, everyone is. I'd just really like an excuse to make more fursuit stuff and drink profuse amounts of caffeinated beverages in the process. Just know that I'm always willing.

Anyways, that's enough said by now. Hope you enjoy your stay here, thank you for reading all this, and have a blessed day/evening!

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Sketchtober was Fun!

on 2 November 2018 at 20:30:07 MDT

My Sketchtober folder

Yeah! What the title said!
And just like that, the amount of traditional artwork I've done this year has nearly doubled! I only had thirty-two submissions before October, including ones that were done for the purpose of my Drawing class back in Spring. Admittedly, some of the sketches were sub-par, but that can only be expected. Some of them, however, were really fun - true gems, I'd say. Specifically, these five were my favorite:

5) Day 6 - Drooling - It's weird to think that a guy who's passed out and drooling is one of my favorites, but I think I chose this because of what else is going on in the scene. It's a bit of a look into my personal life, showing a simplified version of my bedroom and the types of things I do there, and the perspectives and intricacies are better than other drawings I've done.

4) Day 4 - Spell - This one got a lot of positive response, from people both on and off Weasyl and from myself. I love the creativity and perspective, as well as the simplicity; I could've spent time drawing a bed and comforter and all that junk, but I didn't need to - it would have detracted from the image.

3) Day 25 - Prickly - It took a while to decide what I'd do for this one, but once the idea popped into my head, I went all in with a big smile on my face. I mean, just look at it!

2) Day 20 - Breakable - It's... unsettling. Something I don't do very often, but something I think I pulled off really well here. Beyond that, I think Sinister's character was a great fit for this idea, and, again, it was just really fun to draw.

1) Day 12 - Whale - This is the only sketch that I honestly could not figure out an idea for (aside from the Art or Treat ones); it just seemed like such a straightforward prompt. But after asking some friends for ideas and doing some referencing and research, this thing pretty much drew itself. It was easy to draw, simple to improve (what with all those bubbles and such), and the end result was so great.

Even though I went to all that trouble, there are still some honorable mentions that I believe I should point out:

The style I used for these sketches was also pretty fun. It was tweaked a bit as the month went on, but the idea of using normal colors for shading and leaving everything else white and black was fun, and produced some really atmospheric pieces in some cases. I'm not saying I'll use it for all my future drawings, but I'll definitely continue to use it periodically.

Speaking of future drawings - those are being put on hold for a bit. Some of you know that I've taken a fursuit commission, and a few of you may have noticed a lack of updates for it. The lack of updates is due to a lack of progress, which was hindered more than it usually would be due to Sketchtober. I'm going to devote most if not all of my creative and crafting efforts towards this project, because regardless of how patient my commissioner is, he deserves better than the slow speed I've worked at so far. I'll try to post weekly updates on the suit's progress, which will hopefully motivate me to get some actual work done on it.

But, again, this was fun. I don't know what my schedule will look like next year, but I can see myself doing this again! And who knows? Doing all those requests was pretty fun, too; I may open up more themed slots at some point.

Sketchtober was fun. 10/10, would sketch again (but not right now, I need to make a fursuit).

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