Hey. How ya' doin'? I hope the answer is something along the lines of, "Good," and if not... I hope things start going better.

My name's Voltaire, or Volt if you'd prefer. I dabble in a few different art forms - mainly traditional artwork, but I can also write stories and poems, as well as build fursuits and other physical projects. Generally, the stuff I draw is inspired by life experiences, so it's always a pleasure to share a little story with you guys.
I'm always hoping that I'll get a commission someday, but then again, everyone is. I'd just really like an excuse to make more fursuit stuff and drink profuse amounts of caffeinated beverages in the process. Just know that I'm always willing.

Anyways, that's enough said by now. Hope you enjoy your stay here, thank you for reading all this, and have a blessed day/evening!

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A Short Little Story about Nothing

on 12 July 2018 at 21:28:40 MDT

So, in the new RP server I've joined, somebody set up a channel for random story prompts, which people could then respond to with a short story. One of the recent prompts went as follows:

The more dangerous a job is, the more it pays. You just took a job offer to stand in an empty room and do nothing for $100k an hour.

I kinda' like the story that came out of it, so I figured I'd share it here. Remember, that prompt was just that - a prompt, not something I have to follow to a tee. (i.e. There are a few disparities between my story and the prompt, and that's fine.)

Italicised portions denote something that's happening.
Brackets indicate thoughts. (Brackets are these things --> [ ] )

"So, I just have to do nothing?"
"Yes, nothing - absolutely nothing."
"Sounds easy enough."
"Well, you'd be the first. Anyways, it's a good thing you signed up - the beast is beginning to act up again."
"Tie this rope around your ankle. We'll drag you back out when your time is up."
"Uh... okay." I tie the rope around my ankle. "Seriously, though, what's all this about a beast?"
"No time to talk! Time's running out; get in there." The man opens a door and shoves me in. "Remember, nothing."
A sense of dread grips me as I stand there, not quite knowing what to do. In the shadows before me, I see a movement, a sudden glint off a reflective surface. Then a massive pressure increase as I hear something rush towards me. My body won't allow me to run, and my legs suddenly grow too weak to support myself - I crumble to the ground.
I feel massive warm breaths pushing against my body, which continue for a good minute or two. Neither I nor the creature make any other movements - I don't even dare to breath. But I have to refill my lungs eventually. Unable to hold it any longer, I release my pent-up breath.
The sudden action stirs a cavernous rumble in the beast's chest, and I make sure to inhale the heated air with agonizing slowness.
[They really meant nothing.]
The beast taps a claw to my head, as if pondering whether or not to pierce me through. The man truly meant nothing.
For the next several minutes, maybe even hours, the only thing I focused on was keeping my mind empty. Every time I flinch, a rumble is heard. Every time I draw breath too fast, the monster's breathing gets closer. Every time I think, a claw draws more blood from my head.
Eventually, I no longer feel the beast's breath on my body, and I sense a warm mass come to rest next to me. The monster lays still, its breathing gradually slowing to what seems to be an impossible pace. [Is it even alive?] I suddenly realize that I'm thinking and I nearly panic. The next thing I realize is that the beast hasn't responded to my thoughts. Just as I finish these thoughts, I feel the rope tighten around my ankle as I'm pulled back out of the room.
The door silently closes behind me, and I'm lifted up to my feet as applause breaks out around me. Whoops and hollars are shouted, much to my confusion.
"Finally! You're the first one in ages to be able to calm that thing!"
"But... but what did I even do?"

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