Red WIP - Finished Feet and Hands by Volt Siano

Red WIP - Finished Feet and Hands

Volt Siano

28 November 2019 at 23:25:37 MST

Like I said, progress will continue. Slowly but surely, things are coming together.

Originally, I had intended to cast my own resin claws for these, buuuuuuut... that failed several times. And I honestly couldn't be bothered with resin casting anymore, so I decided to buy some from Dream Vision Creations, a company that's far more experienced than I when it comes to resin (and probably a lot of other fursuit-related things).

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    Is it hard to put the claws into something like fur suit feet? I mean, feet are used A LOT, so you probably have to use some kind of ultra-super glue to make sure they stay attached, right?

    It looks like it’s all coming along well! :)

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      I use this strong adhesive called Shoe Goo on the bottom of the base to hold it to the foam, and hot glue on the top of the base to attach it the the fleece. Shoe Goo hasn't failed me yet, and I find it's really good for non-fabric materials such as Sculpey and rubber (since I attach Eva foam to the rubber bottoms of the shoes).

      I have had issues in the past with my own claws falling off my suit's feet, but I think I only ever used hot glue on them (amature that I was). These oughta be fine, but only time will tell.

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        Given that I am extremely hard on my feet and all shoes that come with it........and knowing how much walking a fursuiter can do at a convention—I can empathize on wear-and-tear from pedestrian motion. So I really hope this Shoe Goo stuff really works well! :)

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    These are looking great!

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      Thanks! Hope the head turns out just as well. ^^