Autumn Head WIP - Foam Base by Volt Siano

Autumn Head WIP - Foam Base

Volt Siano

12 May 2019 at 20:30:58 MDT

I've recently received another commission, this time for Autumn! At the moment, she just wants a head of her character, a small little project, but one I've been having fun with!
What you see here is the result of about two weeks worth of work (about three days a week, what with the school/work schedule I have right now). This is relatively fast progress for me, and I've tried a few new techniques so far, and gotten bolder in my use of old techniques. I'm really happy with how this is turning out so far, so I hope it meets expectations once I finish furring it; just gotta' wait for the fur to arrive now...

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    So far so good!

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      I think I'm gonna' need to even out the cheeks - one looks higher than the other - but I'm proud of this on so far.

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    Yeah it looks good so far, I'm always impressed to see how things develop from scratch like this! :)

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      That's why I enjoy taking pictures at each step of the process. ^^

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    Ooh! Nice! Glad to.know.that you're getting more recognition for your work 'n stufff.
    Good luck with it! :0

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      Thanks! It is nice to be doing more commission work. ^^