Voltaire Stickers - 2nd Batch by Volt Siano (critique requested)

Voltaire Stickers - 2nd Batch (critique requested)

Volt Siano

5 May 2019 at 18:42:06 MDT

Didn't get quite as many done this week. Lost motivation about halfway through. I still hope to keep drawing at least a few every week, however.


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    Looks like you’re having fun drawing these. :)

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    These all look heckin' fun to make!
    I also really enjoy the shading on the keyboard for some reason. Just looks pretty cool to me.

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      I think I was using techniques I learned in my college Drawing class, but I was also thinking about Minecraft block shading as well. Xp

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    I need these in my life. Also in my Telegram.

    Especially 12.

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      Only those who have mastered life, like Bob Ross did, don't need 12. The rest of us could use it every now and then, however.