Voltaire Ref. Sheet (2019 Update) by Volt Siano

Voltaire Ref. Sheet (2019 Update)

Volt Siano

4 March 2019 at 10:51:34 MST

My old ref sheet was super outdated, and I was tired of referring people to other random images.

I've made a couple (potential) updates to Voltaire's design:

  • A ponytail will now be the normal hairstyle for him, as it is for me.
  • These little black markings on his cheek fluff that look kinda' cute. ^^

The rest of his markings are still pretty basic - the tip of his tail, insides of his ears, and his paws are black. Another patch of black starts at his chin and stretches down his belly, stopping just above his waist. (Admittedly, I positioned that left paw rather poorly for a ref sheet.)

Fun fact, most of Voltaire's personality is based on my own, but his birthday is based on the date I first designed him.

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    He has a cute, simple, and fun design! I love it!
    Also, we can't forget that bloody tail, probably the best part.

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      I never did have much of an interest in complex characters - either that, or I'm just have trouble thinking up complex designs. XD
      Yes, it is the best part. >:3

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        And so sorry, I didn't mean to say "bloody" I meant "floofy" but autocorrect hates me.

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    You can’t go wrong with a super-fluffy tail! Good work on the ref sheet! :D

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      Can't go wrong on paper. But building it as part of a new fursuit may prove to be difficult.

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        Yeah, I can see how that goes..........best of luck! :)

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    Love the new ref! I like the markings on the cheeks; helps with some definition and brings attention to the face.

    • Link

      Thanks. ^^ I suppose they do help with that; I was just getting tired of the old, generic markings that weren't very defining, so I added something extra.