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Half-time (Video Game Requests - Ghostfox) by Volt Siano

Half-time (Video Game Requests - Ghostfox)

Volt Siano

24 February 2019 at 08:40:44 MST

I decided to do some themed requests, with the first theme being "video games". This one is for Ghostfox, who requested their character Ghostfox in the game Half-Life.
After fighting zombies all day, the chance to rest and take a breather becomes much more sought-after.


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    Nice work as always. And almost in time for my birthday. I played this game a lot when I was young.

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      Oh, well then, congrats on another year of non-death!
      And thanks!

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    You tried to post this last night, right? It was in my inbox and then disappeared before I could click on it. I went looking on your page thinking I accidentally deleted it before looking at it! XD

    It looks really good, you did a nice job on the camera angle and perspective! :)

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      Oh, pft! XD I was wondering whether anybody would see that!
      I like to run art pieces by the requester/trader/commissioner before I post it, and last night I had accidentally posted it without contacting Ghostfox first.

      Thanks! It was an interesting piece to work on; had to do some things I'm not normally used to.

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        I just happened to look at JUST THAT TIME! XD

        You’re most welcome! It turned out very well! :)