In the Fire by Volt Siano

In the Fire

Volt Siano

10 February 2019 at 12:50:14 MST

The initial idea for this piece came about while listening to Lord of Hosts, but I'm not quite sure it fits that song anymore. XD
For the first time since... geez, I don't even know - maybe it's the first time - I just drew without thinking too hard about what I wanted the end product to look like. It's also one of the most detailed works I've done since my Drawing class last Spring.
I know the flames aren't exactly the best, but I am really happy with most of the other aspects of this drawing. Regardless, it was a neat project to work on.

Lord of Hosts you're with us
With us in the fire
With us as a shelter
With us in the storm
You will lead us
Through the fiercest battle
Oh, where else would we go
But with the Lord of Hosts

Lyrics from Psalm 46 (Lord of Hosts) by Shane and Shane

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    How big is this piece? I can’t imagine what your hand looked like after touching all that graphite! XD

    All in all though, it’s a really impressive piece! Great work! :D

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      I just used an 11x8" piece of sketchbook paper; same size as I normally use, but I actually drew a proper scene this time and covered the whole page. Though my fingertips are pretty stained after rubbing them over the dark background to smoothen it out. XD

      Thanks! I'm happy with it, so it's nice to know that others like it as well. ^^

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        I’m impressed you got so much on a small size! Great work! :D

        You’re most welcome! :)

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          Yeah, the figure in the middle is much smaller than I normally draw, but somehow more detailed at the same time. And the flames were an absolute butt to draw, what with the several attempts it took to line them and all the smudging once I finally got them right. But yeah - well worth it. ^^

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            It’s good practice for future works like this. :)

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    This looks amazing! I love how ya did the fire!
    How long did it take? It looks like one of your best pieces(so far)!

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      I started it about two or three weeks ago, and worked on it very sporadically until today. This afternoon, I spent about one and a half hours finishing off the dark background and "shading" the flames (for lack of a better word. XD)
      Thanks! It was a nice change of pace from what I normally do. ^^