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Fly Hacks! (Video Game Requests - Sinister) by Volt Siano

Fly Hacks! (Video Game Requests - Sinister)

Volt Siano

At least it's a single-player game.

I decided to do some themed requests, with the first theme being "video games". This one is for Sinister, who requested their character Pancake in one of the Legend of Zelda games.
I'm sure we all would've chosen to skip the first quest and just jump right of the Great Plateau if given the chance - all you'd need is a pair of wings.


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    I don't know what that pose is. XD

    Was probably inspired by Felis Randomis' Lookit Me Go, which was inspired by Suction Cup Man.

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    This looks great! TYSM!
    It’s hilarious too!

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      My pleasure!

      And thanks. ^^

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    Come on, why would you need a glider if you have wings though, right? XD