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Boi's Suit WIP - Miscellaneous Progress Collage by Volt Siano

Boi's Suit WIP - Miscellaneous Progress Collage

Volt Siano

But that's okay, 'cause I get to show you guys this sweet collage of three different pieces.

I finished the footpaws, for the most part - they still need ankle fur, but you can get a pretty good idea of how they'll look once they're finished.
The torso is pretty much completed - still a few extra pieces to add, but unless I lengthen the bottom edge (which will probably have to be done), it won't change the look of the torso.
And the puffy handpaws! What you see is what you get - they still need fur, but the foam-work is complete at this point.

After all these are done, it's just a pair of sandals for the indoor footpaws, some minor tweaks here and there, and then it's ready to be shipped off to my commissioner! I'm. so. happy. ^^


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    I'm honestly really excited to see this one done!

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    SO THAT'S HOW YOU DO THE THING WITH THE PAWS. I've always looks very cool! :)

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      I can only assume that it's one of many ways. I'm following Sparky's tutorial on puffy paws, and it's gpimg well so far.

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        It looks like it works--so keep on going, right? :)

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    Oh my goodness, this 'suit is looking really good! I can't wait to see it finished!

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      Thanks! I'm so hyped for this!