Literally my Fourth Ring by Volt Siano (critique requested)

Literally my Fourth Ring (critique requested)

Volt Siano

3 October 2018 at 21:22:15 MDT

So long as you don't count my failed first attempt at my first ring that ended up as scrap metal, then yeah - this would be my fourth.

I really like this one.
It was made for a complex solder project, which required that we each make a piece of jewelry with two or more soldering points - points at which two pieces/ends of silver are attached together. Mine has ten soldering points; the seven studs running around the middle, the two strips of wire going along the sides, and the point where the ring is bent around and soldered shut.

After everything was attached properly, I coated it in a chemical oxidizer, which made the whole ring turn dark. I then used steel wool to lighten up the studs and the the wire borders.
It's not perfect. Though it isn't shown in this photo, the location where the ring is bent shut is a bit messy - one of the wires wasn't long enough to bend around and rejoin itself, and the connection spot itself isn't completely smooth. It was difficult shaping this ring, however, due to the many studs and wires which made it bend in awkward ways.

As I stated, however: I really like this one. ^^

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    Dang! That's really good!

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      Thanks! It's my best so far. ^^

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    It looks like it turned out well! :)

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    Nice! A little bulky (though that's a question of personal taste), but very nice still! I imagine those studs must've been a pain.

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      It is a bit weighty, but it doesn't hurt much. I wasn't able to make the seam on the bottom completely smooth, so that's the worst part, if anything.
      Granted, I haven't yet been able to properly test the feel of it, because it wouldn't be safe for me to coach gymnastics (my job) while wearing it. I don't have to coach today, though, so I guess I'm about to get a good idea of how it feels.

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      Yeah, it's actually fairly comfortable. Wore it just about all day yesterday.

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        Well, it's a learning process. Takes a while and a fair amount of rings to be created to get it absolutely right. But keep doing what you do! Gotta love hand crafted jewelry! :)