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Newt (in Black) ~Conbadge Exchange by Volt Siano

Newt (in Black) ~Conbadge Exchange

Volt Siano

"When the light flashes, you will no longer remember any of the terrible, old drawings you made."

For the May conbadge exchange, I got to draw for Wikk, who asked for something Men in Black themed. I hope this is what you were thinking of (or at least satisfactory), 'cause I spent quite a bit of time on it. This was fun, though - different body shape than I normally get to draw, unique theme, and a neat character.

Hope you like it, Wikk! Let me know if there's anything I could change, and let me know if you want it sent out to you over mail.

With some reference from this image here.


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    Hahaha i LOVE THIS!
    Its great! Tysm!

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      Huzzah! Thanks, and you're welcome; it was my pleasure!