VoTM: Arc 2 Chapter 5: Deception by Volcan MacAingeal

VoTM: Arc 2 Chapter 5: Deception

Volcan MacAingeal

2 September 2015 at 16:44:09 MDT

The Crew of the Mara's Hope is enlisted by the notorious crime boss, Lazar Warden, to pick up a shipment of cargo he claims is rare and quite valuable, and not even available in the Confederacy. With the crew so close to paying off the debts that have made their lives difficult for the past two years, they accept the job, and go to retrieve this cargo...

Originally intended to be the last chapter of this Arc, it was beginning to feel like I might be trying to pack too much all into one part, so there will indeed be a sixth chapter to this arc. This chapter also introduces two new side-characters who, although may not seem relevant now, will become relevant in later chapters.

I actually really enjoyed working on this chapter; I feel it had a lot of emotional moments and those tense 'what're you gonna do' situations :)

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