Winter Down Under - Vøkkå by Silvixen by Vokka

Winter Down Under - Vøkkå by Silvixen


2 January 2015 at 04:57:47 MST

I had the privilege to commission Silvixen to slot my Vøks into an underwear themed 2015 Furry calendar!

I chose the month, and theme, and let me just say... Whoah.

Silvixens artwork never ceases to amaze me. She did an astonishing job translating my idea into an atmospheric, chilled out looking piece!

I was slightly worried about the idea of submitting into a underwear themed calendar, but after a few discussions with Silvixen we found a way to achieve a nice reserved mood! Very impressed with how this turned out and I simply can't wait to get the calendar once all the artwork is drawn up.

Please follow Silvixen to keep up to date with the stream of artworks as each character sees their months artwork come to fruition!

I was completely gleeful to find out I was the first to jump at the opportunity, and the first to have their months artwork drawn!

Artwork by Silvixen!