PGV: Three by VoidShark

PGV: Three


14 December 2018 at 06:04:02 MST

Name: Three
Serial Number:  E-433
Height: 6’3'’
Species: Medd
Sanity Level: 8 (Scale of 1-10)
Personality Condition:  ?
Category: Presumed Stable

Appearance: Three has a slight, green tint to his gray fur that other Medds typically do not. He also has the unique trait of having three eyes. Not only that, but he seems to have control over shifting their physical appearance as well. They are usually covered by his goggles though.

Bio: Three is a bit of an oddball on PGV. He tends to keep to himself and stays quite busy--and seemingly sane to some capacity. While he is not a particularly social creature, he is quite cordial to those who do venture out to see him. He can usually be found assembling scraps into pointless gadgets. 

  Prior to being shipped off to PGV, Three was an on-site, basic medic for a large, haunted attraction. Due to injured guests being an infrequent occurance, the Medd took to helping with repairs of the various mechanical constructs behind the attractions. This is likely why he seems to have a preference for patching up machines rather than people. Not a lot is known about him, other than he seems to have very little interest in mingling with his own kind and tends to stay beyond the main structures, near the far reaches of the eternal-fire where the glow begins to give way to darkness. 

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