Stage 2: Evolution by Vladma

Stage 2: Evolution


16 January 2016 at 21:01:29 MST

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Many hundreds of years pass with humans evolving and changing technologies as they have for centuries before. But humans were not the only ones under evolution. A single line of code had unpredictable repercussions. Vladma's programming gifted her with simple learning and accessing data she procured and utilizing it to learn what was and was not her objective data lead to more than just adaptability with the changes in technology.

With the expansion into space came a new technological revolution. Human kind had reached adequate technological advancement for the interaction with the greater galactic populace. They quickly became behind the times. The internet was no longer sufficient. Humans branched beyond it's boarders and required the adaptation to alien technologies. The internet became the MegaNet. But humans had forgotten their lesson. Vladma's playground was left intact. Abandoned for bigger and better things.

She proceeded with her job and quickly learned that everything was invaluable. Her data stores became incomprehensibly expansive. So much so she found herself completing her simple AI. She gave herself an artificial sentience. The internet was literally a playground. Finding the in herself the initial depiction she adapted herself to project it in a visual format. She was now like the interactive programs she had be designed inferior to. But she was still just data.

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