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♦Do not use my characters on rpg/face claime etc. websites please,
it makes me uncomfortable.

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Commissions: OPEN!
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Experimental Commissions?

on 10 May 2017 at 05:35:32 MDT

I need money for Saturday because I'm hanging with some friends,
my parents and Thall at a Medieval festival ♥

They have no set prices it all just depends on how complex your character is.
Their is a base price though: $10.00 USD
if your character is really complex the price will increase.

They will all be coloured, shaded and full body.
They will be given a random pose but you're free to suggest a specific one if you like.
Each one will also probably turn out different and they will come with a transparent version
and a mini random background behind them version.

I have no examples since they are 'experimental'
but you can check out my gallery for my style and quality.

Be sure to read my TOS before buying too!
My Do's and Don'ts are also listed near the bottom.

Fill this out below if you're interested:

Ref: (mandatory)
Pose: (optional)
Paypal: (if you rather note it thats also fine! It's just so I can invoice you)
Extra: (optional)

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    I just found your art and it's amazing! Your style is so nice to look at, and your colors are great too! Keep up the good work :D

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      Ah thanks a bunch! B,) I've been trying hard to perfect my quality, style and colours for the past three years.

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    oh shit, you have an amazing artstyle! Your colouring is super soft and bright, I love it :O

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      Awoh thanks a bunch! B,) It's improved a ton since 2014, It used to not be so nice looking haha!

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    No problem, thanks for stopping by to leave a shout!

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    Yeee! Of course!

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